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Save 5 years old Masha from Cancer please join this campaign with me & donate. - by TT BookTuber

From Her Mother-

This is my Masha, she's the most talented and loved girl in kindergarten. She's also the only girl who managed to get cancer for the second time before she turned 5 ... when Masha came to me, rested her head on my shoulders and pointed to the lump in her head she did not cry. She Just asked quietly and in a sad voice, "Mommy, does that mean that cancer is back?"

And yes, cancer did come back. It came back so strong that from the neck it metastasized to the trachea. And kept spreading until it pushed Masha's jaw. Masha, this friendly loving girl is lying in bed and crying quietly all the time, she's in pain. She's hurting.

The tumor, which had already become immune to chemo from the first round showed no remission. And I just watch how cancer is taking away my only child. The only one! I have no other girl. This girl is my whole life, she's the reason I get up in the morning and I finish every day by giving her a kiss on the forehead. Now we have one last chance to save Masha, an experimental treatment that if she gets it might beat cancer. We have already paid all our money for the first round of treatments. Everything. What would I not do for her to live? But now we have this treatment, which is our last chance. And if Masha doesn’t get it in the near future there will be no one to save. I will not have a girl. I will not have my Masha. Please, I never thought I would ask for help. But for my Masha I will do everything. Please, give her a chance to live. I will not survive without her.

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